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Sales Spotlight: ‘Sales Champion of the Year’ David Gold

David Gold, Head of Sales at Millbray Group, was recently awarded ‘Sales Champion of the Year'’ at our annual ADM awards and 30th anniversary celebrations.


Transitioning from a past career in men’s fashion, to logistics, David has been an integral part of The APC network for the past 17 years, starting his journey as a driver and working his way up to a leadership role in the sales team.

We caught up with David to learn more about his fascinating career journey and the experiences that have shaped his success.


You started your career in fashion as a designer for a number of well-known brands. How did you end up in the world of parcels and logistics?


"I had my own menswear business for a number of years, designing clothes for brands such as River Island and Topman. I also owned a retail shop, but when that started struggling, I knew it was time to move on. One evening, someone asked me for directions whilst I was in my van collecting items, and they mentioned that a nearby logistics company was always on the lookout for new drivers.”


“I visited Phil Gee at the Millbray Group the next morning and I explained that one of his employees suggested I pop round if I needed work. I started delivering right away and that's how my career in logistics began."


You began your journey with the Millbray Group as a delivery driver. How did you move into a sales role?


“After working as a delivery driver for a couple of months, I noticed I was visiting the same clients daily but not their neighbours. I asked Phil who handled sales and told him I was sure I could double their efforts. He thought I was mad, but the next morning, I loaded my van and went out to North London. That day, I signed up three new clients. When I returned to the depot, Phil was amazed and eventually I began to focus on sales instead of deliveries.”


You've been awarded ‘Sales Champion of the Year’ thanks to your amazing efforts and results. What is the secret to the success of your sales approach?


“I'm very proud and humbled to be recognised as the ‘Sales Champion of the Year’ and it feels like a significant milestone. I’d say the secret behind my sales approach is simple: talk to people every day and truly listen to their needs. Understanding what they're looking for and addressing their concerns is key. Most salespeople go in, listen, make their notes, and then go back to the depot to put a quotation together. I believe that by the time you say goodbye, you've lost the moment.”


What drives you to have the same enthusiasm as when you first started after nearly 20 years in the industry?


“It's the hunger to win and the drive to be the top performing depot in the country. That’s my biggest motivation—being number one. However, it’s not just about me; I am a team player, and I have a fabulous team around me. When I arrived at the Millbray Group and The APC network, I found my calling. From day one, it felt like home, and the job felt like home too. Together, we strive to be the best in the country, excelling in what we do and leading with excellence.”


Can you share a favourite highlight from your career?


“One of my favourite highlights is definitely signing CLINI, a medical company client. I initially signed them in the back of a sweet shop, where they had just a small desk and sent around 10 consignments a day. Over the years, that account has grown tremendously, and now they send about 2,000 consignments daily. Nurturing that account from its humble beginnings to its current success has been incredibly rewarding and knowing that I played a part in their growth and success is something I’m very proud of. Even as they continue to grow, the depot will always look after them, which speaks volumes to the strong relationship we've built.”


And finally, what's the best piece of advice you would give to someone in your role?


“The best advice I can give is to make every day count. Plan your day thoroughly and knock on every door because you never know what's behind it. It can feel nerve wracking at times, but you just have to approach people confidently - introduce yourself and start the conversation. Embrace those nerve-wracking moments, learn from them, and keep pushing forward.”


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